Three Signs That You Are Already Living Intentionally

If You Practice These, It Means You Make The Most Out Of Your Time

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Do you even know what The Mindful Guerilla is about?

Yes? No? Maybe?

If you say “no” or “maybe,” that’s fine.

Sometimes, I even don’t know what my own newsletter is about.

But that’s fine.

It’s just like our lives.

We are taking steps on our path but often, we don’t know where we are heading. We have our desires where we want to end up but the path towards it is quite unknown.

For me, The Mindful Guerilla resonates with life.

I know I want to help people live their life with intentions, just as I want to have a more intentional life.

A photo of me in ‘deep time’ at the edge of Fuerteventura.

But I am still figuring out how to do that the best way.

And funnily enough, that’s already a way to live intentionally.

Many people tell me that they don’t know if they live their life the best way or if they even live intentionally in any form.

So today, I want to share three signs I consider to be part of intentional living.

If you practice any of these, you can be sure that you are on the path of what I call “intentional living.”

1) You Don't Lie To Yourself

I used to lie to myself, but it caused me more pain in the long run.

I tried to push away the accountability for my actions. I thought external factors always caused heartbreaks and failures.

One day, I realized this self-lie and the damage it caused.

Most people are no different.

They tend to lie to themselves to pamper their minds and soul.

And while it's okay not to tell everything to others - even close ones - one should learn to never lie to themselves.

(But it still doesn’t mean you should lie to others. Be honest. Even if it hurts, it’s more beneficial for both in the long run.)

Being brutally honest with ourselves is a short-term pain but a long-term gain.

It also enables us to face any situation and feeling we might want to avert.

In the long run, it helps us to avoid living in an ego bubble that could lead to fake selfishness and a distorted perception of our lives and the real world around us.

So if you refrain from lying to yourself and practice brutal honesty, you are on the right track.

2) You Live Your Emotions Fully

Heartbreaks, failures, or losses are painful.

It's much easier to bury these emotions, but it's only a short-term cure but a long-term suffering. But if you live through the painful emotion, you grow a lot as a person.

Most people are not capable of deeply living through emotions.

Or they are afraid to let those emotions sink in.

But living through the pain gets us closer to our deep self & soul and to understanding our values.

They also help us to identify the truly important aspects of our life.

On almost all occasions, painful moments steer us to another life course which - if we live that emotion fully - can become a better path for us.

An example: if you went through a breakup, felt that someone broke your heart, and spend days of crying and self-reflection, you may realize that you want to get out of that shit and push yourself forward to become a better version of yourself.


So you can become more confident, more powerful (in your mind & soul) and thus attract a great person.

Do the same with your positive emotions.

Embrace them.

A photo I took during Roger Waters’ (Pink Floyd) show. I was sobbing through half of the show. Deep time. Oh, and yes, that’s a flying pig.

Are you crying at the end of a movie? Or during a concert (like I recently did)?

Fuck what others say, embrace those emotions.

It shows how deep your emotional intelligence is and how deep you can live in a particular moment.

Those moments help to slow down time, to know what it feels like to be a human being, and to live in the state of ‘deep time.’

Decades later, you will certainly remember those positive emotions and the memories attached to them.

3) You Question The 'Rat Race' Dogmas

'Life is like that. Accept that' - a phrase I hear too often from ones in the 'rat race.'

If you get furious about people who follow all the dogmas and never dare to design their own life, you are on a good track.

If you question what society forces on you and how to progress in your life's journey and want to break out, that's the sign you start living intentionally.

Never accept everything that people in the 'rat race' tell you.

You don’t have to get married before 30.

It’s more than okay if you find your lifelong partner after.

You don’t need to buy a flat or house just because others are doing that.

It’s more than okay if you rent and allocate your money to other desires - building a venture, traveling and collecting experiences, or investing in a passionate hobby of yours.

It's you who has to design your life.

Dogmas are designed for those individuals who don't dare to think deeply. For those who want to get a pre-cooked life path, notions, and ideologies delivered to them.

You don’t want to be one of them.

You are different!

Embrace that!

Máté - The Mindful Guerilla

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