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I read you loud and clear, go for launch

Do you know the feeling when you get super excited to start something - a new podcast, a blog, your side business, or even just a new habit?

Let's say you start a new blog about your passion, WCs. Yeah, you know, the one you use for number 1 and 2.

Okay, so you've been reading all the magazines and blogs about WCs every day and you wanna share your thoughts and opinions about WCs, the latest trends with these lovely products, etc.

So that's what you do, you select a blog provider, find a great name - let's say How Wee Cee - and you write your first blog post. You decide to do one weekly post. You share it with some friends & family, and you post it to your Twitter profile but that's all. The post gets around 30-40 views and 2 subscribers to the blog.

The next week you write the second blog post. You also share this one on Twitter and in some FB groups for bloggers. It gets around 20 views and 2 more subscribers.

And the next week....well, the next week nothing happens. You don't write anything because your focus shifted to your ongoing MBA studies, you claim not to have time due to assignments, gym sessions, and long work days with 1.5-hour commuting.

Another week goes by and still no blog post from you. Your blog remains empty from new posts. Your initial excitement and dedication are nowhere near and your mind shifted to other things while you feel anxious deep inside from ditching your blog.

Do you somehow relate to this? If not through writing a blog but some other things - a new podcast, your side business, or that new healthy habit you wanted to implement.

This is what happened to me. Twice in the past year. I started a space newsletter on Substack which only lived for a few posts. Well, technically, it's still live and actually, I will return to it in the upcoming days.

But this also happened to me this April when I started another Substack newsletter where I wanted to write about my journey with personal development, health, and all other stuff that excites my brain. The hypothetical story I mentioned above was actually my own story - obviously with a different example than the WC blog.

I got enough of it. I got enough of being excited to start some new project or venture but never reach the light of fulfillment and success with it. Therefore, I am trying to approach it differently and that is why I am starting this new blog now - on Beehiiv. This will be more of an experiment to see how my stories can resonate with more people, and how I can build an audience on this platform - that's why I have the title you see above.

I realized that the reason why I also struggle with sticking to new projects is my long-lasting battle with the inability to focus. We can call it Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) as certain symptoms match these disorders, however, I haven't seen any specialist yet to see if such disorder causes these challenges.

What I know is that my mind is constantly dealing with millions of thoughts on various topics. I can brainstorm about how North Korea is doing illegal arms trade, when human beings will finally land on Mars, how I could write melodic techno music, if the Mercedes F1 Team will be competitive enough in 2023 so Lewis Hamilton can win his 8th World Championship title or even about how I could afford to buy a small property in Greece. These thoughts - and much more - can show up almost at the same time.

My brain can be perhaps something like this:

Credits: Seek Discomfort / YouTube

That is why YouTube is a bitch. It can always recommend me videos I find interesting and therefore I could spend hours watching videos about Formula One, the geopolitics of the Middle East or North Korea, music producer tutorials, Hungarian political reports, or the awesome and inspiring travel videos of the Yes Theory guys.

I was wondering how I could satisfy my fast-paced brain to focus on all & more of these topics: well, I should write about it!

So here I am.

I will restart what I intended to do back in April. Or last year with that other newsletter. I will share all of the stories that fascinate me. And this way, I will push myself to spend a couple of hours each week focusing on one particular topic.

That is why I call it The TMBNC Cocktail. It will have various ingredients (aka topics) to make it a tasty piece. (Btw, TMBNC refers to my full name in Hungarian: Tóth Máté Bence)

Initially, I will commit to one weekly post. And once it became a great habit, ritual, system, or whatever we call it, I want to share even more, potentially twice a week.

In the beginning, I will share my previous posts here again - with a little tweak - and then, I will jump in to write new posts.

Hopefully, you will enjoy those. If so, I hope you also invite your friends, family, and other acquaintances to this blog. I will also want to do a referral program to encourage you all to share this blog with others.

See you soon! And thanks for reading the thoughts of my crazy and fast-paced brain.

Máté - TMBNC

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