This Is The End. And A New Beginning

Saying goodbye to the Mindful Guerilla & hello to something else

Hey everyone,

It’s already 2024, quite a big year for me.

  • Living in Athens, Greece until mid-February 🇬🇷

  • Moving to Valencia, Spain in March and settling down there 🇪🇸

  • Turning 30 in May 🎂

And more.

This milestone of entering my 30s positively hit me.

I can no longer let myself procrastinate on my creative aspirations like writing and filmmaking.

The past year was a lot about procrastination hidden behind creative blockers, uncertainties, and overthinking.

  • What topics should I write about under the Mindful Guerilla brand?

  • Should I keep this newsletter anyway?

  • Can I combine various topics into one brand or not?

I cannot focus on one major topic around purposeful living and self-growth.

I wanted to write about travel, cultures, exploring outer space, and of course, self-growth, philosophy, and more.

Yet, due to those “creative blockers”, I unintentionally sabotaged my writings which resulted in a low number of pieces published here.

So after some serious thoughts and reinforcement by Paul Millerd (the author of Pathless Path, read it, an awesome and eye-opening book!), I decided to make a change.

I retire the Mindful Guerilla.

What comes next?

I am opening the way to something new that will embrace my multipassionate self and enable me to fully be myself.

You will hear about the details. Very soon. I will explain everything under a new identity.

And it’s not about a “brand” itself. It’s about what it will represent.

For you and me.

You have nothing to do, you will keep receiving the emails but they will come from a different platform and with more community features.

So stay tuned, I will come back soon with exciting details.

Because in 2024, I am going all-in with my creative aspirations. Obsessively.

See you soon!

Máté - The Mindful Guerilla

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